See just how simple our process is for you, and us!

Firstly, we will request that you submit raw images of the jewelry items that you would like our team to create the images and videos. This can be as simple as taking a picture with your smart phone! That’s right, we don’t need your actual pieces sent to us. If you wish to have us take the photos, send us your pieces and we will photograph them. All our team needs are images of the pieces that are clear enough to ensure capturing its brilliance in a stunning three-dimensional model.


After we receive your images, our team will then begin creating Computer-Aided Pictographs (CAP) for each of your jewelry pieces.
 In this step, you are given an opportunity in the creative process to ensure your jewelry is being digitally captured into accurate CAP models. Here you will make certain everything is right.


Once you approve the CAP files, the team will then begin enhancing all items in all requested metal colors, stone colors, and stone shapes. We will present you with stunning videos, still images, and sequential images of your pieces. You will be seeing your jewelry like you never have before!



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To view some examples of amazing finished products of our simple process, check out our gallery!


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