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Jewelry Photography in Los Angeles

The dilemma for a jewelry retailer looking to have photography done in Los Angeles comes down to one word: Hollywood. The bright lights and big city attract photo- and videographers from all around the world, all of whom are looking to break into the worlds of television and movies.

jewelry photography

It’s certainly arguable that these émigrés to Tinseltown make for a robust labor market through which a jewelry retailer can peruse, but in too many ways, that market is lopsided for a retailer hunting for quality.

The glut of “aspiring photo- and videographers” in Los Angeles means that everyone thinks they’re the next Ansel Adams. But the unfortunate truth is that not every art student who drives to Los Angeles will have the skills to elegantly, conscientiously, and quickly record a jewelry retailer’s pieces. Even more troubling is the fact that a retailer can’t easily distinguish the talented photo- and videographer from the also-ran.

jewelry photography in los angeles

Los Angeles is home to prominent agencies and notable photographers, but the problem in that situation is that such individuals and organizations can command a premium based solely on their names. But what’s a retailer supposed to do when they just want pictures of their jewelry to put up on their web-based storefronts?

Stark Jewelry Animation provides the solution to both issues. In terms of price, we offer a package starting at $175. This package includes three videos, twelve still images of a piece of jewelry and its metal and gemstone variants, and three “sequentials”—a 360° rotational view of a piece of jewelry that permits people to view the jewelry from any angle.

In terms of quality, Stark Jewelry Animation boasts of a professional team of animators, imaging artists, and designers who work to put together a collection of images, sequentials, and videos for your Los Angeles-based jewelry retail business.

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