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Taking advantage of the digital technology utilized by the top-tier production houses in Hollywood, Stark’s process captures a 1:1 image of your jewelry and carefully renders it into a digital representation of the pieces. Once your approval of the final product is given, the all-digital nature of the files makes it a snap to upload the images, videos, and 360° sequentials directly onto your site.

Stark’s photo- and videography are trusted by the most top-tier manufacturers in the industry to represent their pieces in the best possible light. Every Stark-certified image is free of the imperfections, lighting issues, and blurriness that come with traditional photography, so you can trust a Stark's image to represent your pieces with the same level of verisimilitude as those in your showcases.

Forget the hassle of trying to capture variants of your pieces in different metals. Stark’s process creates an editable version of the original picture that allows your pieces to be displayed in dazzling yellow, white, or rose gold. Offer your customers the freedom to have an entire showcase’s worth of jewelry variants right at their fingertips.

The benefit of Stark’s process over traditional photography is its ability to capture and display images of jewelry from literally any angle you can imagine. Your customers will be free to see your jewelry as if they’re holding the pieces in their hands. Stark’s process offers an angle for every customer and shows off all the intricate detail of the dazzling pieces you offer.

To view some examples of our product imagery, check out our gallery page

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