Represent Your Jewelry Store With Your Own Branded VIDEO Across Multiple Digital Channels

Social Media

Your Website

TV Commercials / Displays

Like the HD Beauty video? Get a personalized one for your business. Choose any engagement ring from your stock and take a few pictures of it. No need to send in the actual ring—when you send your pictures, just choose your preferred matting and colors from our library, and we’ll create an HD video for you in our digital studio. And for no extra fee, have your logo or company name inserted on the ring or matting!   

One time development fee - Full video rights


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The Process


All we need from your end is:

1) 4 pictures of your item

2) Your business logo & icon

3) Your business name

4) Choose surface material & color

5) Choose logo and icon color 

Floor Logos

Brand your business

We will insert your business logo and slogan at the bottom of the ring and we will insert your business icon in the center of the ring on the floor.  

You may choose the your logo color as well as material finished, such as shiny or matte finished finished. 




Shank Logos

Brand your business

We will insert your business logo or name on the shank of the ring. Yes that is right! Even though your logo is not on the actual ring, we still can and will insert your log on the metal shank of the ring.   




Full HD -- 1920 x 1080  


Owning one of the largest render farms in the United States, Stark Animations super computers have the capability to render your videos in full HD resolution, enabling clients to use their videos for TV commercials, in-store TV signage presentation, online marketing, and website home page representations.  


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